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Dr. Dunbar offers a unique patient-oriented approach to her practice. She fully recognizes that you, the patient, want to clearly and thoroughly understand your individual medical condition, as well as the procedures needed to treat it successfully. In many cases there is more than one option for treatment. Along with her diagnosis and recommendation, Dr. Dunbar will be sure to provide you with ample information and guidance with which to make an informed decision regarding the best treatment option for you.

Dr. Dunbar's patients greatly appreciate her patient-care philosophy. Here is what some have said about their experiences under her care:

"Dr. Dunbar is more compassionate than any orthopaedic surgeon I've known."

"She is more thorough than any doctor I've have ever talked to."

"She is nurturing and seems caring. This is essential along with all the skills and smarts she has."

"She is a woman - she listens - she likes to hear what you feel could be done."

"She has a pleasant personality, is very down to earth, and can speak in layman's terms. She has a positive confidence."

"She is athletically knowledgeable. She doesn't mind patient questions."

"She is on time, her bedside manner is great, her care is great, and she explains everything."






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